Give Your Art the Attention it Deserves with These Gallery Wall Tips

I remember one of the first things I did when I moved out of my parents’ house for grad school, was plan the perfect little gallery wall I would have above my bed in my new apartment. It was a small space, so I only needed a handful of frames and items to make it feel complete. After deciding that my room would be farmhouse style (It was 2015, what a surprise), I carefully picked out a few different frame styles, got some some free printable art pieces online (I had just started grad school and was pretty poor), a small circular mirror, and an adorable letter A.

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It came out pretty cute! And really turned into the focal point in the room, right above the bed where I obsessively placed coordinating pillows. By adding just a little bit of charm and personality it really turned a drab tiny apartment room into a space that felt homey and complete.

One of the best things about gallery walls is all the different choices you have to make it unique and personal to you. Although you could just fill it up with art prints, you could also add fun objects like mirrors, clocks, plates, masks, and basically, anything you can figure out how to hang. Gallery walls can be themed or eclectic, symmetrical or asymmetrical and expansive or subtle.

The wall above is monochromatic and traditional. It plays it safe and ensures to be harmonious by sticking with black and white photography, matching frames, and a symmetrical layout.

Little baby gallery walls are my favorite! This one utilizes a dominate print right in the center to draw your eye in. The artwork has a theme in which there is one main subject on a white background, keeping the the look light and fresh.

This wall is eclectic, while keeping with a color theme and consistent frame style that pulls it all together. I LOVE how this wall incorporates little shelves. They are small and have the same style as the frames, so they don’t steal the show.

It’s been a few years since I was in that tiny apartment. Now, I’m in a different tiny apartment. And my walls are again filled with artwork carefully collected over the years. I don’t know what the place would look like without them. I honestly believe that what we surround ourselves with in our homes, whether it’s art on the walls or plants in every corner, should brighten and inspire our lives.

I hope you have a wall filled with art and objects that speak to you! And if you don’t, I created a guide to help you do just that. It has a few layout ideas and quick tips to help you plan your wall. Grab it here ⬇️and enjoy :)