4 Unique Ways to Hang your Art Without Frames!

I’m always trying to think of ways to make my space feel a little bit more unique and interesting. I like mixing old and new decor items, changing up pillows and colors, and of course, I have a collection of art prints dispersed around my apartment. Art prints can be one of the easiest way to jazz up your space. And there’s more you can do with them than just hanging in a standard picture frame on the wall. There’s a ton of really cool ways to decorate with your art that are a little more out of the box and don't even require frames!

1. Tape

If you’re going for a minimal, effortless look, consider hanging your prints with washi tape! This is a super easy and affordable way to get your prints up on the wall quickly. Check your local craft store or Etsy has a bunch of really cute and unique washi tape options. 

 2. Hangers

Hangers with pant clips are an easy and interesting way to hang your prints. The key to this is getting really pretty hangers that go with the rest of your space. I like wooden hangers with gold or rose gold metal. Another plus to using hangers is it makes it super easy to switch out your prints as often as you want to!

 3. Clothes Pins and String

Hang string across an entire wall and hang several art prints with clothes pins! You can easily make a sort of gallery wall this way and reorder or switch out prints how ever often you want to.  Or hang a shorter piece of string with one print for a statement piece.

 4. Binder Clips

The last of my favorites is binder clips! Use binder clips and nails to hang prints for another easy way to switch out prints. I like gold binder clips, but you can also find different colors, and I've even seen some with patterns on them!

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